A Restrospective of the Year Ahead

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It’s the year 2113. You look around the garden at old relics of one hundred years ago.

Look at these stupid things – ‘cars’, ‘mobile phones’, ‘disposable cups’, ‘advertising’ and ‘reality television’. What the?

How foolish the people of yester-year must have been!

Welcome to the world of ‘2013: When We Were Idiots’ – an interactive collaborative art exhibition happening at Gluttony during the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Jennie Lenman wanted to find out more, so she had a chat with comedian and artist, Xavier Toby.

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Artists are invited to submit work before January 31 2013 for a chance to win cash prizes. Get your entry form here.

For info about Graceful Productions – www.gracefulproductions.com.au.

Xavier’s solo show White Trash is also on at Gluttony from February 15.