A Fragment of Time with Ula Blocksage










Ula Blocksage is a British Australian photographic artist, moving image artist and musician with a love of poetry, travel, and cups of tea.

Ula has an exhibition coming up at The Reading Room and Jennie Lenman caught up with her to find out about the exhibition, ‘fragments’, and what the title means to her.

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Fragments opens at The Reading Room on Wednesday 3 October 2012 at 6pm and you have until October 17 to check it out.

What’s your crutch?

What do you depend on? Alcohol? Cigarettes? Do you lean on your appearance? Your clothes?

The question is… what’s your crutch?

That’s what Fiona Gardiner and Kat Coppock are asking with their SALA show, a moving installation incorporating performance and visual art. They’re taking your worst, your strangest, your most secret traits and turning them into a stage show.

Streetcast’s Chris Brunner caught up with Fiona and Kat at The Reading Room on Hindley Street….

Have you got a crutch? What’s Your crutch? is still taking submissions! Visit their blog here.

Steps & Bones – by Margaret Lloyd

Artist Margaret Lloyd has been very busy taking part in group exhibitions since graduating with honours in Visual Art at the University of South Australia two years ago. But now she’s going it alone, and with great success. Her second solo show, Steps and Bones, opened on Wednesday night at The Reading Room on Hindley Street – and as well as attracting a huge crowd, almost every work on display was snatched up. So what is Steps & Bones all about?

I caught up with Margaret Lloyd the morning after the big night…

Three minutes to make an impression

What would you do if you had just three minutes to speak your mind? What would you share with the world?

Well hundreds of people have been given the opportunity to do so; young and old, from all walks of life.

And the Three Minute Project is the result – a film experiment offering a very small but telling glimpse into the lives and attitudes of hundreds of Adelaide people.

Director and Producer of the film is Genevieve Brandenburg and she joined us in the Radio Adelaide studios…

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The Three Minute Project is premiering this Friday 16 March for the Fringe at Mercury Cinema and will also screening the following night. Check out Facebook or Fringe for event details.