Deadly Funny








Whitefellas take note – Indigenous comedy is on the rise.

Proving his ‘mob’ does indeed have a funny bone, Kevin Kropinyeri is determined to crack the mainstream and teach white (and black) audiences a thing or two in the process.

In town for his Fringe show ‘Welcome to my World’, Kevin promises a high-energy, up-tempo performance with a strong focus on family ties; after all, the biggest strength of being Aboriginal is family.

Then again, it’s also the biggest weakness, as the lads from Streetcast later found out…

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Gettin’ Loose

The Loose Five








With seamless banter, chilled out guests and ample lol’age, ‘The Loose Five’ is one pod pod* worth dedicating a Saturday arvo (post-Streetcast) listening to.

Presenters Marcel Blanch-de Wilt and Paul K Stalenhoef unite every week to record, usually at Marcel’s house, producing some quality com com* for their fans’ earholes.

Duly recognised as a ‘New and Noteworthy’ podcast on iTunes, keep an eye out for Loose Five-related merchandise and possible cult expeditions.

Until then, as Streetcast’s Tom Angley uncovered, you’ll have to make do with their upcoming live show at the Crown and Anchor on February 5…

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Fringe Teaser

Wolf Creek, The Musical; Radio Noir








Torture porn and noir: together at last.

Wolf Creek, The Musical and Radio Noir team up for a Fringe preview show spectacular this Tuesday at the Arkaba, and their unique styles promises a memorable night for those willing to see something a little different.

Few would have predicted turning notorious horror film Wolf Creek into a musical, while others may be surprised at just how effective old school radio and sketch comedy can be.

Radio Noir‘s Bridget Fahey and Wolf Creek, The Musical‘s James McCann join Streetcast’s Tom Angley to explain how they’re handling the build-up to the Fringe…

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A Laughing Matter

A Laughing Matter







Although it may have briefly cost him his sanity, Marcus Doherty’s decision to lock himself away in his family’s holiday house for a week paid dividends.

Seven days later, he emerged with a near-completed script of ‘A Laughing Matter’, a six-part sketch comedy series that took just over a year to complete.

Debuting this Wednesday on Channel 44, the show is a testament to Adelaide’s promising young actors, comedians and filmmakers.

Marcus and fellow actor and co-writer Leigh Qurban give Streetcast’s Tom Angley a behind the scenes look at what lies ahead…

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Raw Talent










Don’t let the big red nose and face paint fool you – getting a laugh out of Frehd Southern-Starr is tougher than it looks.

When she’s not blowing bubbles as her ‘Frehd Astarr’ clown alter ago, Frehd runs SA’s Raw Comedy events, organising entrants and ensuring stand-up novices are well looked after.

Frehd, who’s ran Raw Comedy for the past decade, says the competition is a great platform for aspiring comics to strut their stuff, though she’s quick to point out that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t make it all the way to the Melbourne final.

In fact, hearing Frehd giggle in the crowd might be the ultimate prize after all…

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For those on the receiving end, prank calls can cause much more than embarrassment and confusion.

Sadly, sometimes such pranks end in tragedy – and although no one could have predicted a joke, albeit a lame one, could have turned deadly, fierce debate has erupted over whether radio prank calls should be banned altogether.

Vowing to never stoop so low as to actually prank call someone themselves, Jennie, Danni and Tom nonetheless have a go at discussing why radio stunts are used, the laws surrounding them and what constitutes an arguably ‘socially acceptable’ prank…

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Rising Starr

Mark Tripodi







When you’re nominated as one of Adelaide Comedy’s hottest young prospects, it’s only natural to be nervous.

Mark Tripodi is flattered with all the attention, though he fears those expecting a hilarious, in-your-face personality off-stage may be left disappointed.

Up on stage, however, Mark’s introversion is put on hold as he deftly covers material ranging from nerdy pastimes to his own sexuality – yup, Dr Wang is in the house.

Sufficiently recharged after a healthy dose of gaming, books and movies, Mark stopped by for a session with the Streetcast crew…

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