Chloe Eckert’s “Sage”


Chloe Eckert’s “Sage” is a play about Grace and Charlie, two characters who meet on a cliff top from where Grace is about to jump. Yes, it’s a production about mental health issues, but one that avoids typical clichés of the genre.

“Sage” is written and directed by the talented Chloe Eckert and acted by Nic Cutts (Charlie) and Mel Martins (Grace.) All three joined Mason Krollig in the Radio Adelaide North Terrace Studios this week to discuss the various complexities of acting in/producing a play about mental health with only one scene…

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“Sage” is being performed at Immanuel College on Thursday the 21st of February at 7PM and again on Friday the 22nd at midday and 7PM. Tickets are just fifteen dollars or thirteen concession. You can get yours at

Produced by: Chris Brunner

My Romantic History

DC Jackson’s My Romantic History is a rather risqué play being produced by the University of Adelaide Theatre Guild at the moment. It hits the stage tonight in Little Theatre on the university campus. Chris Brunner caught up with director, John Wells earlier in the week…

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Ephemera Stains

Ephemera Stains is two short plays about the transitory lives we lead, the stains that wash away, and the ones that don’t.

Streetcast’s Chris Brunner caught up with the two South Australian playwrights, David Jobling and Lucy Campbell during the week. He started by asking about the title of the production, Ephemera Stains…