A Restrospective of the Year Ahead

when we were idiots image and header 4

It’s the year 2113. You look around the garden at old relics of one hundred years ago.

Look at these stupid things – ‘cars’, ‘mobile phones’, ‘disposable cups’, ‘advertising’ and ‘reality television’. What the?

How foolish the people of yester-year must have been!

Welcome to the world of ‘2013: When We Were Idiots’ – an interactive collaborative art exhibition happening at Gluttony during the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Jennie Lenman wanted to find out more, so she had a chat with comedian and artist, Xavier Toby.

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Artists are invited to submit work before January 31 2013 for a chance to win cash prizes. Get your entry form here.

For info about Graceful Productions – www.gracefulproductions.com.au.

Xavier’s solo show White Trash is also on at Gluttony from February 15.

Blooming Solo Artist, Naomi Keyte


Honest, beautiful and delicate folk pop with and angelic melodies– that’s what you get when you see local singer/songwriter Naomi Keyte, whether she’s playing solo, or performing in much-loved and acclaimed local bands, the Transatlantics or Gold Bloom.

Naomi joined Jennie in the studio ahead of her gig at the Cranker to support MS Research to talk inspriation, happiness, gigs and perform ‘Balance’ and ‘Glass Bottle’ live.

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Naomi will also be performing an acoustic set with Matt Barlow (from Sparkspitter) on Sunday 13 January 2013 at the Exeter on Rundle St, Adelaide and at Moving Music on Saturday 19 January 2013.

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Apollo #6 (2012) in wax by Olivia Kathigitis

Apollo #6 (2012) in wax by Olivia Kathigitis

















As an artist you go from being the hunter to the hunted – the emerging to the established. So this year’s UniSA’s  Art, Architecture and Design graduating exhibition is titled Hunt.

Jennie had a chat with Christobel Kelly, Honors representative on the Graduate Committee and Olivia Kathigitis who is the Chair of the Committee about their work, the exhibition and what they’ve discovered about their practice over the course of their degree.

The launch is Wednesday 5 December 2012 at 6pm at the Alan Scott Theatre in UniSA’s City West Campus, Adelaide.

Wisdom and Folly in Life and Art

‘Frontier of Loss’ by James Dean












Well by golly!
It’s Wisdom and Folly,
You are invited to come with us, and explore these themes wholly,

To follow the plight of the foolish and shrewd,

These walls will be layered, should your thoughts need some food.

A double face and its notion of tension
Are among the themes we will mention.

We can share with you what it is that we’ve known,
And with any luck we’ll find our meaning has grown.

Painted with the brush, our colours mixed with a knife, 
It is through your thoughts that we are given our life,

There are depictions of clowns that may touch a nerve,
So it is our hope that you will keep your verve.

But if it’s too much, then have no fear,
You can visit the bar for a cider or beer.

So if this sparks your intrigue or you like what you see
We’ll meet you there at Espionage gallery!

And just so it’s fresh, so that you can remember, 
The opening night is the 29th of November.

But if you don’t make it, we feel your pain,
To the 12th of December the show will remain.

-James Dean

Jennie Lenman caught up with emerging Adelaide artist, James Dean, to find out about his upcoming Espionage art exhibition, Wisdom & Folly.

She starts by asking him what the line in his poem “double face and its notion of tension” is referring to.

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The exhibition opens at 6pm on Thursday 29 November 2012 at Espionage Gallery –  and closes on December 12.

Please Feel Free to Call Him Simply “Aristeguieta”











Ivan Aristeguieta is a man who loves to entertain.

Whether it’s singing or dancing in a salsa club, performing as an actor, talking on the airwaves or making a room full of people laugh, he’s on the case.

Originally from Venezuela, Ivan has recently made the move to our fair city, performed in English for the first time in his life and has already won a Stand Up Comedy competition.

He spoke to Jennie, Mason and Olly about his first English comedy gig, the hilarity of Australian English and his passion for Salsa.

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Ivan will be performing the following gigs in Adelaide 2012:

Saturday 03 Nov the Variety Show at the Soul Box
Monday 19 Nov Performing for a Live DVD at the Capri Theatre
Featuring: Dave Campbell, Jon Brooks and Michael Bowley
Tuesday 27 November Hosting for Graham Elwood‘s (USA) gig at the Arkabar Hotel

Plus plenty more to come and keep an eye out for him at next year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Check out Adelaide Comedy for information about all the good stuff we’ve got happening here.

Reclaim the Night: Where do men stand?











Following a buzz on social media event pages for Friday night’s march against sexual and physical abuse against women, Reclaim the Night, Jennie, Olly and Nick discuss whether excluding men is unfair and segregational or whether it is a necessary part of the event.

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Superhero, comedian, podcaster – Craig Annis

Craig eating cake in the studio

Local comedian, Craig Annis, has been entertaining crowds for the past 8 years on stage and in studio.

He’s worked as a stand-up comic and breakfast radio host, has developed a cult following with his pal Stefan on with podcast ‘Stefan and Craig’ and TV Week Logie nominated (for a nomination) community TV show ‘Stefan & Craig Slightly Live’.

He joined Jennie, Tom and Chris in the studio to talk speeding snails, superheros, assholes and pushpops.

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Tuesday night Craig is performing alongside Damian Callaghan at the Arkabar Hotel.

To find out more about the action film Craig has worked on “10 Metres”, click here.