The Pope Ex-Benedict

Pope Pic

Pope Benedict the sixteenth is stepping down from his position as the head of the Roman Catholic Church, becoming the first Pontiff to do so in nearly six hundred years. But is the Pope even allowed to retire? I mean, he’s been chosen by God to lead his people!

For this weeks Ally-Cat Chat, Pope Innocent 1.0.1 (Tom Angley), Pope Big Nick (Nick Pipe), and Pope Jeremy Goku the First (Mason Krollig) discuss how their lives have been affected by the Popes surprise retirement announcement and debate whether or not online gambling websites should be allowed to let punters place bets on who will be the next Pope.

(This weeks Ally-Cat Chat begins with the Streetcasters reminding Nick Pipe what his new “Nick”-name is.)

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Produced by: Mason Krollig

Hot under the clerical collar

Hot Cross Buns are something we associate with Easter, but this week Coles and Woolies put the tasty little morsels on their shelves – alongside discounted Christmas stock, Valentine’s Day goodies, and Australia Day merchandise. It seems they can’t, for one moment, let the public holiday consumerism drop away.

Furthermore, there’s been some rumblings from the Catholic Church on the issue. A Tasmanian priest has suggested that the cross be removed from Hot Cross Buns until Easter – saying they were only ever meant to be eaten on Good Friday to mark the death of Jesus.

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