Deadly Funny








Whitefellas take note – Indigenous comedy is on the rise.

Proving his ‘mob’ does indeed have a funny bone, Kevin Kropinyeri is determined to crack the mainstream and teach white (and black) audiences a thing or two in the process.

In town for his Fringe show ‘Welcome to my World’, Kevin promises a high-energy, up-tempo performance with a strong focus on family ties; after all, the biggest strength of being Aboriginal is family.

Then again, it’s also the biggest weakness, as the lads from Streetcast later found out…

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Gettin’ Loose

The Loose Five








With seamless banter, chilled out guests and ample lol’age, ‘The Loose Five’ is one pod pod* worth dedicating a Saturday arvo (post-Streetcast) listening to.

Presenters Marcel Blanch-de Wilt and Paul K Stalenhoef unite every week to record, usually at Marcel’s house, producing some quality com com* for their fans’ earholes.

Duly recognised as a ‘New and Noteworthy’ podcast on iTunes, keep an eye out for Loose Five-related merchandise and possible cult expeditions.

Until then, as Streetcast’s Tom Angley uncovered, you’ll have to make do with their upcoming live show at the Crown and Anchor on February 5…

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Fringe Teaser

Wolf Creek, The Musical; Radio Noir








Torture porn and noir: together at last.

Wolf Creek, The Musical and Radio Noir team up for a Fringe preview show spectacular this Tuesday at the Arkaba, and their unique styles promises a memorable night for those willing to see something a little different.

Few would have predicted turning notorious horror film Wolf Creek into a musical, while others may be surprised at just how effective old school radio and sketch comedy can be.

Radio Noir‘s Bridget Fahey and Wolf Creek, The Musical‘s James McCann join Streetcast’s Tom Angley to explain how they’re handling the build-up to the Fringe…

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Dark Humour







Dark, brooding Goths aren’t usually associated with comedy, but Michael Workman says otherwise.

A self-confessed Goth since he was 18, Michael has only been doing stand-up for four years but his absurd, surreal views is proving that Gothic humour can indeed be funny.

Tom Angley caught up with Michael earlier this week, and asked him why his comedy doesn’t just appeal to those with a love of all things black…

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Phung Powar!









Sketch comedy group The Golden Phung have one clear message – you’re no one unless you’ve been Phung’d.

Fresh off their third successful Fringe year, The Golden Phung combine live and filmed skits to form the “finest comedy group in all of Croydon, and the third finest in the greater Croydon area”.

Phungateers Roy Phung and Calen Vanstone joined us in the studio to enlighten us in the ways of the Phung…

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Follow the river

Local indie rock, folk, country, gospel slash whatever musician, Captain Kid, aka Nicolas Bastiras, is putting on somewhat of a family show at this year’s Fringe. Nicolas is collaborating with his sister, Jamaica, and father, Stan – to bring us Follow the river, a collection of songs with a lyrical focus and rich in vocal harmony. Nicolas and Stan Bastiras dropped by the studio for a chat and performance.

Follow the River will be peforming at Worldsend Hotel – Beer Garden on 15, 16 and 17 March 2012 for the Adelaide Fringe

Click here to listen to part one of the interview…

Click here to listen to Nicolas and Stan perform Mother of Dreams live in studio…

And click here to listen to part two of the interview…

Click here for more info on the gigs

Three minutes to make an impression

What would you do if you had just three minutes to speak your mind? What would you share with the world?

Well hundreds of people have been given the opportunity to do so; young and old, from all walks of life.

And the Three Minute Project is the result – a film experiment offering a very small but telling glimpse into the lives and attitudes of hundreds of Adelaide people.

Director and Producer of the film is Genevieve Brandenburg and she joined us in the Radio Adelaide studios…

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The Three Minute Project is premiering this Friday 16 March for the Fringe at Mercury Cinema and will also screening the following night. Check out Facebook or Fringe for event details.