Alphabette, hold the e, you fools!

Alphabette have been hanging around on the Adelaide scene for just about a year now in various line ups, they’ve finally settled down and are now starting to ramp up a bit of support and make a name for themselves. Ahead of their highly anticipated show at the Grace Emily, two of the band’s four members joined us in the studio – Louise O’Reilly and Dave Resce.

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Vacant Space – Full of Ideas

vacant-spaceVacant Space is a vibrant urban art market inspired by street culture and held during the summer months in the inner city squares of Adelaide.

The first event was held in December, showcasing local music, dance crews, fashion, art, street vendors and more in an effort to embrace Adelaide’s urban culture, foster creativity, and support the local scene.

The next event will be on Sunday, February 10 at Light Square, so Danni Frangos caught up with Vacant Space organiser Sarah Collins and asked her how the initiative began…

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Hew Parham Presents The Giovanni Experiment

Giovanni having a chat

Giovanni having a chat

A man of many characters is back to provide the silliness this Fringe….

In the past he’s brought us Schmoo the clown, Oog the witch doctor, Sherminaar the pirate, and now he brings Giovanni, the Italian Waiter.

He is Flinders University Drama Centre graduate, Hew Parham.

He joined Jennie, Nick and Mason live in the studio to talk Canadian clown school, clown spirituality and improvisation.

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You can catch the Giovannie Experiment La Bohème on Grote St in Adelaide from 18 February to 9 March 2013. Check out the Fringe page for more information.

Also check out ArtBox at La Bohème in Adelaide for something a little bit different.

In The Name Of Medical Science!

Clinical Drug Trial

Low on funds? Enjoy being in bed? Don’t mind needles? Well, sounds like you’re a perfect candidate for a clinical drug trial!

For those of you who’ve never really thought about how a drug gets from concept to the pharmacy shelves, clinical drug trials are sets of tests in medical research that generate safety and efficacy data for medical interventions.

Depending on the type of product, investigators (like CMAX based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital) usually need a number of volunteers to be their human guineapigs before they can approve a drug to be released to the general public.

For this week’s Ally Cat-Chat, Nick Pipe, Jennie Lenman, and Mason Krollig share their thoughts on clinical drug trials and discuss how much they would need to be paid before they let a medical student remove one of their toes and attempt to re-attach it…

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Produced by: Mason Krollig

The Necks: kings of experimental jazz

necksSydney band The Necks started jamming their improvised jazz compositions way back in 1987 – and not only are they still standing today, they’ve grown into one of the most respected musical trios in the world. With just piano, bass and drums, the band create instrumental pieces on the spot, totally improvised and rising and falling with incredible power.

The Necks don’t make albums in the traditional sense. Instead of a selection of different songs, Necks records feature just one or two extended compositions, sometimes up to an hour in length. Their debut album Sex is an Australian cult classic, their 2001 album Aether has been added into the Australian national sound archive, and now 25 years on they’ve released album number sixteen, Mindset.

But it’s probably The Necks’ live show which really proves their talent. The band gets up on stage and improvises for an hour, before taking a quick break and launching into another hour of jamming. No two Necks shows are the same. It’s a musical spectacle which for years has amazed audiences and critics the world over – in fact the New York Times has described them as one of the greatest bands in the world.

On Sunday night The Necks bring their extraordinary live show to The Gov in Adelaide, as part of a national tour. Nick chatted to bass player Lloyd Swanton during the week, while he was with the band in Melbourne to kick off the tour.

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Welcome to AdTube

lumosityIf you’ve used YouTube any time in the past year or so, you’ve probably been met with a volley of pesky in-video adverts before actually being allowed to watch the clip of your choice. But can we really complain? Nick, Dani and Tom discuss.

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