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Whitefellas take note – Indigenous comedy is on the rise.

Proving his ‘mob’ does indeed have a funny bone, Kevin Kropinyeri is determined to crack the mainstream and teach white (and black) audiences a thing or two in the process.

In town for his Fringe show ‘Welcome to my World’, Kevin promises a high-energy, up-tempo performance with a strong focus on family ties; after all, the biggest strength of being Aboriginal is family.

Then again, it’s also the biggest weakness, as the lads from Streetcast later found out…

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The Pope Ex-Benedict

Pope Pic

Pope Benedict the sixteenth is stepping down from his position as the head of the Roman Catholic Church, becoming the first Pontiff to do so in nearly six hundred years. But is the Pope even allowed to retire? I mean, he’s been chosen by God to lead his people!

For this weeks Ally-Cat Chat, Pope Innocent 1.0.1 (Tom Angley), Pope Big Nick (Nick Pipe), and Pope Jeremy Goku the First (Mason Krollig) discuss how their lives have been affected by the Popes surprise retirement announcement and debate whether or not online gambling websites should be allowed to let punters place bets on who will be the next Pope.

(This weeks Ally-Cat Chat begins with the Streetcasters reminding Nick Pipe what his new “Nick”-name is.)

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Produced by: Mason Krollig

The Villenettes: rockabilly heroines

villlepicClass, chops, and crashing rock n’ roll – that’s what emerging local act The Villenettes are all about.

After joining together in mid-2012 from various other musical projects, The Villenettes have become a regular fixture on Adelaide’s live scene, to the acclaim of plenty of punters.

And now they’ve backed up their hard gigging work with V for Villendetta, an excellent debut EP that’s sure to work wonders for their profile.

Anna and Kylie from the band joined us in the Streetcast studio having just launched the EP at the Crown and Anchor the night before.

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Hew Parham Presents The Giovanni Experiment

Giovanni having a chat

Giovanni having a chat

A man of many characters is back to provide the silliness this Fringe….

In the past he’s brought us Schmoo the clown, Oog the witch doctor, Sherminaar the pirate, and now he brings Giovanni, the Italian Waiter.

He is Flinders University Drama Centre graduate, Hew Parham.

He joined Jennie, Nick and Mason live in the studio to talk Canadian clown school, clown spirituality and improvisation.

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You can catch the Giovannie Experiment La Bohème on Grote St in Adelaide from 18 February to 9 March 2013. Check out the Fringe page for more information.

Also check out ArtBox at La Bohème in Adelaide for something a little bit different.

In The Name Of Medical Science!

Clinical Drug Trial

Low on funds? Enjoy being in bed? Don’t mind needles? Well, sounds like you’re a perfect candidate for a clinical drug trial!

For those of you who’ve never really thought about how a drug gets from concept to the pharmacy shelves, clinical drug trials are sets of tests in medical research that generate safety and efficacy data for medical interventions.

Depending on the type of product, investigators (like CMAX based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital) usually need a number of volunteers to be their human guineapigs before they can approve a drug to be released to the general public.

For this week’s Ally Cat-Chat, Nick Pipe, Jennie Lenman, and Mason Krollig share their thoughts on clinical drug trials and discuss how much they would need to be paid before they let a medical student remove one of their toes and attempt to re-attach it…

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Produced by: Mason Krollig

Welcome to AdTube

lumosityIf you’ve used YouTube any time in the past year or so, you’ve probably been met with a volley of pesky in-video adverts before actually being allowed to watch the clip of your choice. But can we really complain? Nick, Dani and Tom discuss.

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Gettin’ Loose

The Loose Five








With seamless banter, chilled out guests and ample lol’age, ‘The Loose Five’ is one pod pod* worth dedicating a Saturday arvo (post-Streetcast) listening to.

Presenters Marcel Blanch-de Wilt and Paul K Stalenhoef unite every week to record, usually at Marcel’s house, producing some quality com com* for their fans’ earholes.

Duly recognised as a ‘New and Noteworthy’ podcast on iTunes, keep an eye out for Loose Five-related merchandise and possible cult expeditions.

Until then, as Streetcast’s Tom Angley uncovered, you’ll have to make do with their upcoming live show at the Crown and Anchor on February 5…

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