Chloe Eckert’s “Sage”


Chloe Eckert’s “Sage” is a play about Grace and Charlie, two characters who meet on a cliff top from where Grace is about to jump. Yes, it’s a production about mental health issues, but one that avoids typical clichés of the genre.

“Sage” is written and directed by the talented Chloe Eckert and acted by Nic Cutts (Charlie) and Mel Martins (Grace.) All three joined Mason Krollig in the Radio Adelaide North Terrace Studios this week to discuss the various complexities of acting in/producing a play about mental health with only one scene…

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“Sage” is being performed at Immanuel College on Thursday the 21st of February at 7PM and again on Friday the 22nd at midday and 7PM. Tickets are just fifteen dollars or thirteen concession. You can get yours at

Produced by: Chris Brunner

Vacant Space – Full of Ideas

vacant-spaceVacant Space is a vibrant urban art market inspired by street culture and held during the summer months in the inner city squares of Adelaide.

The first event was held in December, showcasing local music, dance crews, fashion, art, street vendors and more in an effort to embrace Adelaide’s urban culture, foster creativity, and support the local scene.

The next event will be on Sunday, February 10 at Light Square, so Danni Frangos caught up with Vacant Space organiser Sarah Collins and asked her how the initiative began…

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A Restrospective of the Year Ahead

when we were idiots image and header 4

It’s the year 2113. You look around the garden at old relics of one hundred years ago.

Look at these stupid things – ‘cars’, ‘mobile phones’, ‘disposable cups’, ‘advertising’ and ‘reality television’. What the?

How foolish the people of yester-year must have been!

Welcome to the world of ‘2013: When We Were Idiots’ – an interactive collaborative art exhibition happening at Gluttony during the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Jennie Lenman wanted to find out more, so she had a chat with comedian and artist, Xavier Toby.

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Artists are invited to submit work before January 31 2013 for a chance to win cash prizes. Get your entry form here.

For info about Graceful Productions –

Xavier’s solo show White Trash is also on at Gluttony from February 15.

Artists of a Feather Flock Together


Interactive art exhibition Feathers opened at Format Space on Peel Street on Wednesday.

The show has been curated by local artist Kat Coppock and features the works of 23 emerging and established artists entangled in a giant chicken wire nest built within the gallery.

Bridging the gap between crafts, the exhibition features a range of forms including photography, sculpture, jewellery and installation, and it’s on display until February 9.

Kat stopped by the Streetcast studio earlier today to discuss the exhibition and it’s work, raising funds through crowd sourcing, and creating an all-inclusive arts community.

Revenue and Roadkill


Emerging Adelaide artist Zoe Brooks blurs the boundaries of paint, installation and sculpture, stripping back mediums to create an interpretation, or essence, of her subject rather than a perfect portrayal.

Her latest exhibition Revenue and Roadkill explores these themes, taking elements from the Australian landscape and isolating them from their usual backdrop.

Zoe came in to Radio Adelaide over the weekend to speak with Streetcaster Nick Pipe about the exhibition, which is now open upstairs at Urban Cow Studio. Listen below.



Memories of the Heart






Local artist Amy Gilbert has been making art in all mediums for most of her life. Inspired by her surroundings and the familiar, Amy uses recycled materials with connections to those around her and she has continued this approach in her latest exhibition Close to the Heart, a collection of textile brooches to be worn and kept – in her words – close to the heart.

The exhibition opens at Urban Cow Studio on January 6, so Danni Frangos caught up with Amy ahead of the launch and asked her where the inspiration behind the brooches came from.

A Tour of the Unexpected – Moving Music Festival

Pictured: Sam Wright. Photo credit: Kieran Ellis-Jones

Pictured: Sam Wright. Photo credit: Kieran Ellis-Jones

Picture this – a man in a safari suit is leading hundreds of people down a curious path of intrigue. He stops at a mystery location and the people marvel at the aesthetics and are moved by the sounds.

Interestingly this isn’t an African Safari adventure but something taking place much closer.

It’s the Moving Music Festival – and incorporates a list of highly talented musical and visual artists.

We wanted to find out more so we had a couple of the organisers in the studio; one quarter of design collective Fascination Street, Sarie Tardif and A High Note Creations Director Sam Wright.

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Keep an eye on the Moving Music Facebook page here and check out their event page here.

The event will take place on January 19 2013 at 2.30pm – meeting next to the Exeter Hotel on Rundle St in Adelaide.