The Villenettes: rockabilly heroines

villlepicClass, chops, and crashing rock n’ roll – that’s what emerging local act The Villenettes are all about.

After joining together in mid-2012 from various other musical projects, The Villenettes have become a regular fixture on Adelaide’s live scene, to the acclaim of plenty of punters.

And now they’ve backed up their hard gigging work with V for Villendetta, an excellent debut EP that’s sure to work wonders for their profile.

Anna and Kylie from the band joined us in the Streetcast studio having just launched the EP at the Crown and Anchor the night before.

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The Necks: kings of experimental jazz

necksSydney band The Necks started jamming their improvised jazz compositions way back in 1987 – and not only are they still standing today, they’ve grown into one of the most respected musical trios in the world. With just piano, bass and drums, the band create instrumental pieces on the spot, totally improvised and rising and falling with incredible power.

The Necks don’t make albums in the traditional sense. Instead of a selection of different songs, Necks records feature just one or two extended compositions, sometimes up to an hour in length. Their debut album Sex is an Australian cult classic, their 2001 album Aether has been added into the Australian national sound archive, and now 25 years on they’ve released album number sixteen, Mindset.

But it’s probably The Necks’ live show which really proves their talent. The band gets up on stage and improvises for an hour, before taking a quick break and launching into another hour of jamming. No two Necks shows are the same. It’s a musical spectacle which for years has amazed audiences and critics the world over – in fact the New York Times has described them as one of the greatest bands in the world.

On Sunday night The Necks bring their extraordinary live show to The Gov in Adelaide, as part of a national tour. Nick chatted to bass player Lloyd Swanton during the week, while he was with the band in Melbourne to kick off the tour.

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Welcome to AdTube

lumosityIf you’ve used YouTube any time in the past year or so, you’ve probably been met with a volley of pesky in-video adverts before actually being allowed to watch the clip of your choice. But can we really complain? Nick, Dani and Tom discuss.

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The Pirate Lord of the harmonica

lord stompyLord Stompy is one of Adelaide’s musical legends. Whether he’s performing solo or collaborating with other musicians, Stompy is a regular fixture on the local scene; commonly found with a pirate-like swagger, finely-cultivated facial hair, and trademark harmonica.

Mind you, there are few (if any) instruments he can’t play. Lord Stompy is even a master of spoken word performance.

He’s built a reputation as an all-round showman, and is also known for being quite a character… as Streetcast found out, when His Lordship stopped by for an interview and a shanty or two.

You can catch Lord Stompy in action at the Worldsend next Friday (25th January) with Captain Hellfire and the Wretched Brethren, and Shipwrecked in the Desert. And look out for his harmonica lessons and jam nights at The Gov from February!

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The Hard Aches: folk-punk-indie-rock-tastic.

hard ahcesThese days, “folk” seems to have become a blanket term for music incorporating a range of styles – but with local band The Hard Aches, it seems to make sense.

Formed in late 2012 after a few lineup changes in over previous years, The Hard Aches deal in acoustic folk storytelling, driven along by punk energy, wrapped in the pop hooks of the modern indie world.

For the members who have been there from the beginning – such as the band’s talismanic frontman Ben David – those previous years have been a journey of non-stop gigging and touring. However, 2013 is set to be a bit different for the newly christened Hard Aches, with a focus on studio recording.

A split EP shared with Melbourne band Foxtrot is set to land soon, and then The Hard Aches will venture into Matt Hills’ studio to record a debut album.

Tonight the band will get their year started at the Crown and Anchor, and bassist Bri Mahoney had a chat to us on Streetcast ahead of the gig.

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