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Community Radio Show Host/Producer for Radio Adelaide and an aspiring Filmmaker, currently in the Honours year of his Bachelor of Media degree at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. For more information please visit - www.masonkrolligmedia.com

Chloe Eckert’s “Sage”


Chloe Eckert’s “Sage” is a play about Grace and Charlie, two characters who meet on a cliff top from where Grace is about to jump. Yes, it’s a production about mental health issues, but one that avoids typical clichés of the genre.

“Sage” is written and directed by the talented Chloe Eckert and acted by Nic Cutts (Charlie) and Mel Martins (Grace.) All three joined Mason Krollig in the Radio Adelaide North Terrace Studios this week to discuss the various complexities of acting in/producing a play about mental health with only one scene…

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“Sage” is being performed at Immanuel College on Thursday the 21st of February at 7PM and again on Friday the 22nd at midday and 7PM. Tickets are just fifteen dollars or thirteen concession. You can get yours at adelaidefringe.com.au.

Produced by: Chris Brunner

The Pope Ex-Benedict

Pope Pic

Pope Benedict the sixteenth is stepping down from his position as the head of the Roman Catholic Church, becoming the first Pontiff to do so in nearly six hundred years. But is the Pope even allowed to retire? I mean, he’s been chosen by God to lead his people!

For this weeks Ally-Cat Chat, Pope Innocent 1.0.1 (Tom Angley), Pope Big Nick (Nick Pipe), and Pope Jeremy Goku the First (Mason Krollig) discuss how their lives have been affected by the Popes surprise retirement announcement and debate whether or not online gambling websites should be allowed to let punters place bets on who will be the next Pope.

(This weeks Ally-Cat Chat begins with the Streetcasters reminding Nick Pipe what his new “Nick”-name is.)

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Produced by: Mason Krollig

In The Name Of Medical Science!

Clinical Drug Trial

Low on funds? Enjoy being in bed? Don’t mind needles? Well, sounds like you’re a perfect candidate for a clinical drug trial!

For those of you who’ve never really thought about how a drug gets from concept to the pharmacy shelves, clinical drug trials are sets of tests in medical research that generate safety and efficacy data for medical interventions.

Depending on the type of product, investigators (like CMAX based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital) usually need a number of volunteers to be their human guineapigs before they can approve a drug to be released to the general public.

For this week’s Ally Cat-Chat, Nick Pipe, Jennie Lenman, and Mason Krollig share their thoughts on clinical drug trials and discuss how much they would need to be paid before they let a medical student remove one of their toes and attempt to re-attach it…

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Produced by: Mason Krollig

Rugby Boy, Lewis Dowell is “Tackling” Comedy

Lewis Dowell

Rugby fan and son of a KGB spy (sort of,) Lewis Dowell has been performing stand-up comedy in Adelaide for the past six months and is this year competing in the RAW Comedy Competition.

To hone in his skills, Lewis has been performing regularly at the Cranka Comedy nights alongside his buddies/rivals, Patrick Maynell and Nick Skeer.

Before jetting off to Sydney, Lewis found time to drop into the Radio Adelaide studios to talk to Mason Krollig about his comedy career and other important aspects of his life…

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Lewis Dowell will be performing stand-up next in Heat 4 of the RAW Comedy Competition, Wednesday 30th of January at the Rhino Room. (Doors open at 7pm.)

Produced by: Mason Krollig

New Year Resolutions: Let’s Get Realistic!


New Year’s Eve has always been a stressful time for the Streetcasters (and not just because no girls want to kiss them at midnight!) It’s stressful for them because, if they’re not already passed out from doing too many tequila shots, they’re trying to thinking of a New Year’s resolution they can actually stick to!

This week, Danni Frangos, Jennie Lenman, and Mason Krollig reveal their New Year’s resolutions (or lack thereof) and discuss how well they’re doing twelve days into the New Year. The team from Streetcast also try to come up with some more “realistic” New Year’s resolutions for 2014.

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Produced by: Mason Krollig

What Do You Mean Boxing Day Isn’t A Holiday About Fighting?

Buy All The Things

This year (for the first time ever) retailers down Adelaide’s Rundle Mall opened their doors on Boxing Day to capitalise on a wave of holiday shoppers.

Various accounts of the day suggest that up to 120,000 shoppers participated in the Boxing Day sales. How much did these shoppers spend I hear you ask? Well, approximately $10 million dollars (which works out to be roughly $83.3 dollars each!)

This week, Tom Angley, Bella Fowler and Mason Krollig discuss the Rundle Mall Boxing Day sales and debate whether or not they’re just a clever way for retailers to move unwanted post-Christmas stock. The team from Streetcast also briefly discuss the taboo issue of re-gifting.

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Produced By: Mason Krollig

Rude and Crude, but a Really Nice Dude!


Proud vegetarian Patrick Meynell is a stand-up comedian and full time media student whose hobbies include reading in the bathroom and “extreme Nurfing.”

Although he’s only been performing comedy in Adelaide for the past six months, he’s already made a name for himself with several performances at both the Rhino Room and the Crown & Anchor Hotel leaving audiences begging for more!

Patrick joined Mason Krollig, Jennie Lenman and Nick Pipe in the studio to talk about his blossoming comedy career.

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Patrick Meynell will be performing regularly next year at both Cranka Comedy and Onemicstand. If you’re lucky you might also be able to catch him performing during the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

You can subscribe to Patrick’s YouTube channel here and follow him on Facebook here.

Produced by: Mason Krollig