Hew Parham Presents The Giovanni Experiment

Giovanni having a chat

Giovanni having a chat

A man of many characters is back to provide the silliness this Fringe….

In the past he’s brought us Schmoo the clown, Oog the witch doctor, Sherminaar the pirate, and now he brings Giovanni, the Italian Waiter.

He is Flinders University Drama Centre graduate, Hew Parham.

He joined Jennie, Nick and Mason live in the studio to talk Canadian clown school, clown spirituality and improvisation.

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You can catch the Giovannie Experiment La Bohème on Grote St in Adelaide from 18 February to 9 March 2013. Check out the Fringe page for more information.

Also check out ArtBox at La Bohème in Adelaide for something a little bit different.

A Restrospective of the Year Ahead

when we were idiots image and header 4

It’s the year 2113. You look around the garden at old relics of one hundred years ago.

Look at these stupid things – ‘cars’, ‘mobile phones’, ‘disposable cups’, ‘advertising’ and ‘reality television’. What the?

How foolish the people of yester-year must have been!

Welcome to the world of ‘2013: When We Were Idiots’ – an interactive collaborative art exhibition happening at Gluttony during the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Jennie Lenman wanted to find out more, so she had a chat with comedian and artist, Xavier Toby.

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Artists are invited to submit work before January 31 2013 for a chance to win cash prizes. Get your entry form here.

For info about Graceful Productions – www.gracefulproductions.com.au.

Xavier’s solo show White Trash is also on at Gluttony from February 15.

Blooming Solo Artist, Naomi Keyte


Honest, beautiful and delicate folk pop with and angelic melodies– that’s what you get when you see local singer/songwriter Naomi Keyte, whether she’s playing solo, or performing in much-loved and acclaimed local bands, the Transatlantics or Gold Bloom.

Naomi joined Jennie in the studio ahead of her gig at the Cranker to support MS Research to talk inspriation, happiness, gigs and perform ‘Balance’ and ‘Glass Bottle’ live.

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Naomi will also be performing an acoustic set with Matt Barlow (from Sparkspitter) on Sunday 13 January 2013 at the Exeter on Rundle St, Adelaide and at Moving Music on Saturday 19 January 2013.

A Tour of the Unexpected – Moving Music Festival

Pictured: Sam Wright. Photo credit: Kieran Ellis-Jones

Pictured: Sam Wright. Photo credit: Kieran Ellis-Jones

Picture this – a man in a safari suit is leading hundreds of people down a curious path of intrigue. He stops at a mystery location and the people marvel at the aesthetics and are moved by the sounds.

Interestingly this isn’t an African Safari adventure but something taking place much closer.

It’s the Moving Music Festival – and incorporates a list of highly talented musical and visual artists.

We wanted to find out more so we had a couple of the organisers in the studio; one quarter of design collective Fascination Street, Sarie Tardif and A High Note Creations Director Sam Wright.

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Keep an eye on the Moving Music Facebook page here and check out their event page here.

The event will take place on January 19 2013 at 2.30pm – meeting next to the Exeter Hotel on Rundle St in Adelaide.

Create and Combine!


If you haven’t been cowering away from the heat all week long then you’re probably already well aware of a mini-festival of sorts going on down Playhouse Lane.

CreateCombine III brings together a huge variety of artists, keynote speakers, mixed and cross medium displays under the roof of the wonderful old Queen’s Theatre in Adelaide.

It’s quite an undertaking, so we thought we’d ask curator and director of CreateCombine III Jaya Suartika to tell us more about it. He joined us live in the studio half way through the event.

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CreateCombine is on at the Queen’s Theatre on Playhouse Lane and is open from 6pm till late tonight (Saturday 15 December 2012) with the Fourwords Warehouse Art Party and again from 2pm on Sunday 16 December 2012.

Find Create Combine on Instagram by searching #createcombine or #createandcombine!

Who Owns the Street?


Who owns the feel of the street, its overall aesthetics, the walls and the pavement?

There’s not always a clear answer to this question and a lot of people get into trouble trying to stake claim in the name of art or vandalism.

Exploring this question are Adelaide filmmakers Ronnie Chin and Frazer Dempsey along with a number of street artists including Peter Drew and Jake Bresanello.

Ronnie and Jake joined Jennie Lenman live in studio to talk about the documentary and discuss their thoughts on street art culture in Adelaide.

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To keep up to date on film screenings, check out the Who Owns the Street? Facebook page.


The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Apollo #6 (2012) in wax by Olivia Kathigitis

Apollo #6 (2012) in wax by Olivia Kathigitis

















As an artist you go from being the hunter to the hunted – the emerging to the established. So this year’s UniSA’s  Art, Architecture and Design graduating exhibition is titled Hunt.

Jennie had a chat with Christobel Kelly, Honors representative on the Graduate Committee and Olivia Kathigitis who is the Chair of the Committee about their work, the exhibition and what they’ve discovered about their practice over the course of their degree.

The launch is Wednesday 5 December 2012 at 6pm at the Alan Scott Theatre in UniSA’s City West Campus, Adelaide.