Memories of the Heart






Local artist Amy Gilbert has been making art in all mediums for most of her life. Inspired by her surroundings and the familiar, Amy uses recycled materials with connections to those around her and she has continued this approach in her latest exhibition Close to the Heart, a collection of textile brooches to be worn and kept – in her words – close to the heart.

The exhibition opens at Urban Cow Studio on January 6, so Danni Frangos caught up with Amy ahead of the launch and asked her where the inspiration behind the brooches came from.

Raw Talent










Don’t let the big red nose and face paint fool you – getting a laugh out of Frehd Southern-Starr is tougher than it looks.

When she’s not blowing bubbles as her ‘Frehd Astarr’ clown alter ago, Frehd runs SA’s Raw Comedy events, organising entrants and ensuring stand-up novices are well looked after.

Frehd, who’s ran Raw Comedy for the past decade, says the competition is a great platform for aspiring comics to strut their stuff, though she’s quick to point out that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t make it all the way to the Melbourne final.

In fact, hearing Frehd giggle in the crowd might be the ultimate prize after all…

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Keen to compete? Check out Raw Comedy’s website asap!

Electric Mistress


Gabrielle Hyde is a unique talent who has dabbled in a number of genres since the beginning of her music career. Her latest solo endeavour, Sparky, combines soulful vocals, old-style beats and organic sound. The result is remiscent of the sexy-smooth sounds of 90s RnB à la Destiny’s Child.

Gabby dropped by to chat with Bella about the injection of electronica into her music, her new E.P, Hound Sounds, and her musical plans for the future. She also performed an acoustic rendition of a track from Hound Sounds, Nobody’s Girl. Do your ears a favour and listen below!

Interview Part 1

Sparky – Nobody’s Girl

Interview Part 2

What Do You Mean Boxing Day Isn’t A Holiday About Fighting?

Buy All The Things

This year (for the first time ever) retailers down Adelaide’s Rundle Mall opened their doors on Boxing Day to capitalise on a wave of holiday shoppers.

Various accounts of the day suggest that up to 120,000 shoppers participated in the Boxing Day sales. How much did these shoppers spend I hear you ask? Well, approximately $10 million dollars (which works out to be roughly $83.3 dollars each!)

This week, Tom Angley, Bella Fowler and Mason Krollig discuss the Rundle Mall Boxing Day sales and debate whether or not they’re just a clever way for retailers to move unwanted post-Christmas stock. The team from Streetcast also briefly discuss the taboo issue of re-gifting.

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Produced By: Mason Krollig

A Tour of the Unexpected – Moving Music Festival

Pictured: Sam Wright. Photo credit: Kieran Ellis-Jones

Pictured: Sam Wright. Photo credit: Kieran Ellis-Jones

Picture this – a man in a safari suit is leading hundreds of people down a curious path of intrigue. He stops at a mystery location and the people marvel at the aesthetics and are moved by the sounds.

Interestingly this isn’t an African Safari adventure but something taking place much closer.

It’s the Moving Music Festival – and incorporates a list of highly talented musical and visual artists.

We wanted to find out more so we had a couple of the organisers in the studio; one quarter of design collective Fascination Street, Sarie Tardif and A High Note Creations Director Sam Wright.

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Keep an eye on the Moving Music Facebook page here and check out their event page here.

The event will take place on January 19 2013 at 2.30pm – meeting next to the Exeter Hotel on Rundle St in Adelaide.