The Blind Herd Leading The Pack

Local five piece The Blind Herd are flying the proverbial flag for Adelaide folk music, with a distinctly Australian sound that offers the same isolated and desolate image of our landscape as dark gothic country influenced artists Jack Ladder, Nick Cave and The Triffids, complete with a slightly gruff baritone voiced frontman.

The band played at the Grace Emily over the weekend with Melbourne group The Ocean Party and local trio Wild Oats, but not before members Frank and Ben stopped by Radio Adelaide to chat with Danni Frangos and explain how the blind herd found each other…

Interview Part One

The Blind Herd – The Filling Tank

Interview Part Two

Wisdom and Folly in Life and Art

‘Frontier of Loss’ by James Dean












Well by golly!
It’s Wisdom and Folly,
You are invited to come with us, and explore these themes wholly,

To follow the plight of the foolish and shrewd,

These walls will be layered, should your thoughts need some food.

A double face and its notion of tension
Are among the themes we will mention.

We can share with you what it is that we’ve known,
And with any luck we’ll find our meaning has grown.

Painted with the brush, our colours mixed with a knife, 
It is through your thoughts that we are given our life,

There are depictions of clowns that may touch a nerve,
So it is our hope that you will keep your verve.

But if it’s too much, then have no fear,
You can visit the bar for a cider or beer.

So if this sparks your intrigue or you like what you see
We’ll meet you there at Espionage gallery!

And just so it’s fresh, so that you can remember, 
The opening night is the 29th of November.

But if you don’t make it, we feel your pain,
To the 12th of December the show will remain.

-James Dean

Jennie Lenman caught up with emerging Adelaide artist, James Dean, to find out about his upcoming Espionage art exhibition, Wisdom & Folly.

She starts by asking him what the line in his poem “double face and its notion of tension” is referring to.

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The exhibition opens at 6pm on Thursday 29 November 2012 at Espionage Gallery –  and closes on December 12.

Frenzied Clicking







Click – add to cart. Click – confirm order. Click – refresh page while site crashes.

Yup, online shopping hasn’t been perfected just yet, as shown by Click Frenzy’s rather epic fail.

The first ever Aussie 24-hour online sale site was a bit of a fizzer, with servers failing as soon as they went live under the digital weight of millions of users keen for a bargain.

Tom, Jennie and Danni discuss what went wrong, the pros and pitfalls of online shopping and whether we should still bother supporting local retailers by paying a little extra for that ‘in-store’ experience.

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The Daily Grindr

If you’re a celebrity, a blogger, or someone who opposes gay marriage, the odds are that you and rising star Melbourne based comedian/Nova 100 radio presenter, Nath Valvo will never become good friends.

Nath has toured all around Australia on the back of his razor sharp, bitchy gags and is in Adelaide at the moment performing his new show, Grindr: A Love Story? as part of the Feast Festivals entertainment.

Mason Krollig spoke with the comedy dissident about marriage equality, The Shambles, and the mobile phone app, “Grindr.” What is Grindr? Take a listen to find out!

(PLEASE NOTE – This interview does contain some sexual themes.)

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Grindr: A Love Story? starts every night at 10pm from November 21 to 24 and is being performed in the Feast Hub located within Light Square. Tickets are available online here.

Produced by: Mason Krollig

Feast is coming

Feast Festival has arrived loud and proud for its 16th year in Adelaide!

Producer Libby Parker caught up with two of the festival’s top musical acts, Libby O’Donovan, and Ryan Davies.

Podcast Features: I’m Coming – Libby O’Donovan, Already Where I am – Ryan Davies.

Debut play has fingertip on the pulse of contemporary relationships

Local writer and director Michele Saint-Yves debuted her first production Songs About Girls and Their Finger Tips last week in conjunction with the Feast Festival. The story follows the blossoming relationship between polar opposites Kara and Rach and what happens when that love erodes. Danni Frangos caught up with Michele ahead of closing night and asked her where she found the inspiration for the play…