Reclaim the Night: Where do men stand?











Following a buzz on social media event pages for Friday night’s march against sexual and physical abuse against women, Reclaim the Night, Jennie, Olly and Nick discuss whether excluding men is unfair and segregational or whether it is a necessary part of the event.

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Keystone Cop








Bumbling he ain’t, but Dave ‘Pommie’ Webb is certainly one of the few cops who can take (and dish out) a joke.

Although faced with dark and often tragic situations in his line of work, Dave’s knack for seeing the lighter, funnier side of things has helped keep life in perspective.

An Open Mic regular since May, Dave’s rapid progress has led audiences and professionals alike to label him a rising star of local comedy.

Jennie Lenman sat down with Dave in the Streetcast interrogation room…

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(Produced by Tom Angley)

Instinctual art: Matt Huppatz

Instinct is the latest exhibition from Paul Greenaway at the Greenaway Art Gallery in Kent Town. It brings together four Australian artists, all who foster a fascination for the human body and its relationship with sensuality, intimacy and identity.Three of the four artists whose works make up the Instinct exhibition are from interstate. But one, Matt Huppatz, is a local artist whose work steps away from literal interpretations of instinct, creating beautiful works of light and colour.

Greenaway Art Gallery.


Last Dinosaurs roam the world

The Brisbane music scene has been prolific over the past few years – but in terms of that dirty word “maturity,” there’s at least one band which you’d have to say is a standout: they’re called Last Dinosaurs.

Last year they played in Adelaide for the first time at the Ed Castle. It was a relatively low-key gig, but you kind of got a sense that these guys would be going pretty far in the near future.

Sure enough, this year they released their debut album In A Million Years and it was an instant hit on the indie scene – full of classic indie-rock guitar songs.They came back to Adelaide on the album tour at Jive, and the show was massive.

Last Dinosaurs have also built an international following already – they’ve been over to the in the UK a couple of times, and more recently the producers of the Need For Speed video game series have chosen their song Zoom for the soundtrack on the latest game.

Right now the band are on another national tour, and tonight that tour arrives at the Gov. Nick had a chat with Sam Gethin-Jones, the bass player for the band, and he’s pretty happy with how the tour’s been going so far…

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Tigertown: quickly earning their stripes

It’s been a dizzy 12 months for Tigertown.

This time last year, the young husband-and-wife team of Chris and Charlie Collins had just started jamming with four other members of their newly-united family. Around the same time they recorded a self-titled debut EP in the Collins apartment.

It was only meant to be a demo, but it instantly grabbed the attention of the national indie scene, with its catchy roots-pop melodies. Before long, the family band from Sydney was enjoying healthy radio airplay and a good reputation for their live show.

And now Tigertown have released the follow-up to that home-brewed debut record. Their new EP is called Before The Morning, and they launched it on Saturday night at the Grace Emily.

Jennie spoke on the phone to Chris Collins before the show, and he began by giving us the inside story on the launch tour so far.

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Superhero, comedian, podcaster – Craig Annis

Craig eating cake in the studio

Local comedian, Craig Annis, has been entertaining crowds for the past 8 years on stage and in studio.

He’s worked as a stand-up comic and breakfast radio host, has developed a cult following with his pal Stefan on with podcast ‘Stefan and Craig’ and TV Week Logie nominated (for a nomination) community TV show ‘Stefan & Craig Slightly Live’.

He joined Jennie, Tom and Chris in the studio to talk speeding snails, superheros, assholes and pushpops.

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Tuesday night Craig is performing alongside Damian Callaghan at the Arkabar Hotel.

To find out more about the action film Craig has worked on “10 Metres”, click here.