Ephemera Stains

Ephemera Stains is two short plays about the transitory lives we lead, the stains that wash away, and the ones that don’t.

Streetcast’s Chris Brunner caught up with the two South Australian playwrights, David Jobling and Lucy Campbell during the week. He started by asking about the title of the production, Ephemera Stains…

Best Mates

Justin Hamilton and Wil Anderson have known each other for more than a decade; put them on stage at the same time and you’re in for a treat.

Effortless back-and-forth banter is a joy to watch, and it’s obvious the duo are having fun – particularly when ‘Hammo’ gets paid to hang out with his best friend.

While Wil worked the crowd in an earlier show, Tom Angley caught up with Justin backstage…

Justin Hamilton interview:

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Wil Anderson/Justin Hamilton ‘Rhino Room Late Show’ highlights:

Vivid Dreampop Between Midnight and Dawn

The Dunes are a duo that you ought to have seen out – performing cinematic, textured dream-pop in local bars around town.

Stacie Reeves and Matt Reiner are the pair and their sound is about to become even more lush, hypnotic, and dark.

Jennie Lenman caught up with them ahead of their launch for EP, ‘Between Midnight and Dawn’, to find out about the recording process, how their sound has changed and they share two of their new tracks, ‘Transition’ and ‘Bay Window’.

Interview part 1 and ‘Transition’:

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Interview part 2 and ‘Bay Window’:

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The Dunes will be performing on 8 September 2012 at the Crown and Anchor Hotel in Adelaide.

Produced by Jennie Lenman.

3D: Disorientation, Dizziness and Disappointment







In 2011, Disney’s The Lion King was re-released in what Hollywood filmmakers describe as “3D.” The Lion King 3D has grossed nearly one-hundred million dollars since the original’s 2011 makeover, and, (F.Y.I) with a mere outlay of roughly ten million dollars, any film can, in fact, be retro-actively fitted for 3D. So yes, you guessed it! No childhood classic is safe!

Finding Nemo 3D is set to hit cinemas worldwide next month and will most likely be received quite favourably by audiences… but is re-releasing films in 3D just another way of hiding the fact that the film industry has become stagnant? Is 3D really changing the way stories are being told on the big screen?

This week Tom Angley, Jennie Lenman and Mason Krollig take on the Hollywood film industry, Gangnam Style! (Not really sure what that means, but I love the song/film clip!) Take a listen…

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Produced by: Mason Krollig

Oh Meme, Oh My






One does not simply go on Facebook without seeing a bunch of memes pop up on one’s news feed – but what’s their appeal? And why has a certain Indigenous memes page caused such a fuss?

Tom, Jennie and Chris do a barrel roll, together.


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Kicking back with smooth Jack

Jack Druce is 21, a Canadian-born Sydneysider, and doesn’t have a “real job”. But what he does have is a bright funnyman future.

Winning a slew of stand-up competitions from the age of 15, Jack has quickly become one of Australian comedy’s most intriguing future prospects.

His smooth, observational comedy has taken him to four solo shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – and won outspoken support from many of his peers, including Wil Anderson.

Jack called in to Streetcast ahead of his Adelaide Comedy visit. He will participate in the “Next Generation Debate” at the Arkaba on Tuesday 21/8, and host an evening at the Rhino Room on Thursday 23/8.

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