Big Al’s Birthday Bash








While he didn’t quite make it to the crack of dawn, Big Al celebrated his birthday in style at the Rhino Room last night.

Beer, mates and plenty of belly laughs were on offer as Big Al showed Adelaide Comedy why he’s still such a local favourite.

Nursing a respectable hangover (and possibly waking up in front of Target), Big Al found himself in the studio to continue the post-party shenanigans…

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Dr Piffle is in session

Musical groups seem to get bigger and bigger these days – but there’s still nothing to match Dr Piffle & The Burlap Band. In simple terms: a collective of thirteen (yep, thirteen) local musicians, playing a vibrant brand of gypsy-folk on a variety of both conventional and home-made instruments.

For years, these guys and girls have been putting on a stage show even more extravagant than their band name. And now that energy and flair has been packaged into a record.

Full Moon Bootleg is the Piffle’s debut album, which will see them embark on a tour across the East Coast of Australia. Before they leave though, the band are launching the album at the Ed Castle on the 3rd of August, and fastidiously preparing their caravan.

Band members Paul, Scott and Pop visited the Streetcast studio to give the very first interview about the new album.

Part 1: General Piffle pleasantries…

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Part 2: Paul tells us how the track “Move Forward” came about…

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The Burgers Are Better… Across The Road From High-School

To the dismay of Gawler High Schools principle Greg Harvey, Gawler Council’s Development Assessment Panel recently announced plans to build a 24-HOUR Hungry Jack’s, directly opposite Gawler High.

The Hungry Jack’s restaurant will apparently be offering a “modern menu” featuring “healthy” food choices, but does anyone actually go to Hungry Jack’s for the Caesar-Salad? (I know I sure don’t!)

This week Nick, Tom, Mason and comedian ‘Big Al‘ discussed whether or not kids are too easy of a target for fast-food companies and chattered about whether opening restaurants adjacent to schools is a genius business move for Ronald and his rivals.

Dial up some audio, if you dare….

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Produced by Mason Krollig

The Individual

From next week, you’ll be seeing a whole lot of art springing up in cafés, shops and in the street as we kick off another South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival. With so many exhibitions on all over the state, it was a difficult to pick out just one. Perhaps that’s why The Individual, an exhibition by Mark Niehus stood out from the crowd. The Individual is literally visual poetry, with the text ingrained in portraits of fictional characters.

The Individual opens Friday August 3rd upstairs in Au Martin Calme, 210 Hutt Street in the city and is on display throughout the festival.


The Extraordinary Average Joe






Don’t let the title fool you – Koolta’s debut album is anything but average.

Koolta aka Kultar Ahluwalia has done some extraordinary things in the past few years, winning the 2011 Hilltop Hoods initiative and securing his place as one of Australia’s most promising hip hop artists.

Koolta dropped by to promote the album launch at the Jade Monkey, which was one of the last-ever hip hop gigs at the venue…

Part 1:

Part 2:

Fat Bogan








VB in one hand, mic in the other – Marc Ryan’s wife may have been onto something when she called him ‘Fat Bogan’.

But don’t worry, Marc doesn’t mind. In fact, he’s proud of his bogan heritage, as he’s proven since taking up comedy just over a year ago.

Streetcast caught up with Marc before he goes on a Canberra road trip to the Green Faces comedy competition…

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