The Nameless Project

What is slam poetry? A lot of us think we know the answer to that question, but many performance poets who use the slam medium are concerned about the misconceptions surrounding the art-form.

Royce was an State finalist at last year’s National Poetry Slam competition and he’s also the co-founder of The Nameless Project, a group that aims to bring poetry to the people in interesting and creative ways, such as the “poetry bomb”…

From Barking Mad To Just Plain Mad








After a fateful encounter with the ghost of Peter Allen, former street fighter Mad Dog Malcolm Cummings’ life changed forever.

No longer was he out on the streets “bashing the shit out of people”. Instead, Mad Dog embraced his newfound singing and dancing talents (thanks to Allen) in another form – comedy.

Mad Dog graced the Streetcast studios with his presence before he heads back to Sydney…

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South Australia: Time for a name shakeup?

Following a recent trip to London, Premier Jay Weatherall said he asked the Economic Development Board to come up with a new brand to market South Australia to the world.

Some have taken this literally to mean SA needs a complete re-name. Even betting agencies are getting in on the opportunity.

Do we really need a name change, or even a brand change, and what could we be called? Jennie, Tom and Nick discuss.

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Cam Blokland cranks up the jazz fusion

Cam Blokland is one of Adelaide’s very own guitar heroes. A player with a technical ability which belies his age, he lives and breathes the six-stringed instrument, and involves it in all manner of musical projects – whether it’s in the soul band Mr Goodnight, or his tributes to metal shredders Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

His latest venture is the “CBF Quartet”, a local jazz-rock supergroup which features bass virtuoso Marty Holoubek, saxophone master Chris Soole, and scarily gifted drummer Ben Todd.

Cam stopped by Streetcast to chat about the Quartet’s gig at the Promethean on Monday 26 May, and to rip us an electrifying solo…

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High flyers at Ladybeads

Flight, travel, and migration. Those are the ideas behind Passage, an installation piece by local artist Ella Walker, currently on display at the Ladybeads gallery in Unley. You can probably relate to at least one of those themes – but you might not guess how Ella has chosen to express them.

Nicholas Pipe went along to check out the exhibition, which runs until June 30.

For more information on Ladybeads and the exhibition, visit

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What happened to global warming, ey?






Just because it’s a little chilly at the moment doesn’t mean climate change has suddenly disappeared.

Despite a University of Melbourne report released earlier this week showing global temperatures are rising, public cynicism remains prevalent and sceptics are having their voice heard more and more.

Tom and Jennie have a chat about why this is happening, the media’s role and why some people choose to ignore scientific fact

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