Our favourite comedy import







Everyone loves a good accent, so it’s no surprise UK-born Georgie Carroll is a hit on our local scene.

Moving here in 2009, Georgie started doing stand-up a year later and she’s loved it ever since.

In just a couple of years, Georgie has won Adelaide Comedy’s Best Newcomer Award, finished runner-up in our State Raw finals, and she’s recently got back from the Raw Nationals in Melbourne.

Not a bad effort from someone who used to go to her local pub in Manchester every week and fantasise about winning the lottery …


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Wheaty Locals

Skye McVicar at the Wheaty

The Wheatsheaf Hotel usually gets a mention on our gig guide because their always hosting such wonderful musicians, but what you may not know about the Wheaty, is that is holds an art exhibition every month. And this month, it’s the regulars who are providing the inspiration. Streetcast’s Chris Brunner went along to the pub ahead of next week’s opening of Wheaty Locals, and spoke to the artist responsible, Skye McVicar….

Wheaty Locals opens on the 3rd of May and is on display throughout the month.

Treats for Tweets: The new age of advertising

The South Australian Tourism Commission have been caught by ABC’s Media Watch for paying $750, each, to a number of Australian celebrities to tweet about Kangaroo Island.

Is this cheeky, forgivable or downright misleading and wrong?

Jennie, Tom and Nick discuss.

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Buckley Ward … and the case of the spaghetti blanket

Melbourne’s Buckley Ward could once be relied on for their verbose biographies as much as their catchy indie music. But they’ve since toned it down, and now prefer to be known as “four dudes and a lady who get together to make pop songs”.

And that sums them up well: a bunch of kids having fun. They’ve just released their second album, So Pretend, and it’s full of quality summery pop tunes that melt seamlessly into eachother.

To promote the album, they’ve embarked on a new tour – which begins in Adelaide – and Jimmy and Justin from the band stopped by the Streetcast studio (via the Central Markets) for a chat.

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A whirlwind of success: Interview with Husky Gawenda

Four-piece Melbourne folk indie band, Husky, have been awing audiences with their rich harmonies, and artfully crafted songs, since they gained recognition last year, winning the ‘Push Over’ Unearthed Band Competition.

Following the release of their debut album, Forever So, the four-piece have been sell-out shows around the country and overseas. Front man, Husky Gawenda, spoke to us shortly after landing in Adelaide for his Jive gig.

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Pocket-sized Rocket







Fresh off her stint acting as ‘Phlegm’ in a kids comedy show, Demi Lardner isn’t your typical stand-up comedian.

Firstly, she’s – funnily enough – a girl, and despite plenty of male competition, she recently made it to the Raw Comedy state finals.

Getting called a guy “about twice a week” would phase many women, but Demi refuses to let it bother her – unless you’re an old lady at a bar looking for a free drink. Even Demi has to draw the line somewhere…


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