Big laughs with Imaan

At the age of 15, Imaan Hadchiti took out the Class Clown national high school comedy competition. And since that moment he hasn’t looked back. He’s taken his gags around the country to stages including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, while taking a number of television roles in his stride.

But Imaan isn’t your average comedian. He has bone dysplasia; a condition that makes him very short without affecting the proportion of his features. It’s also known as Rima syndrome, named after Imaan’s elder sister – who is the only other person in the world known to have the condition.

Rather than avoid drawing attention to his stature while performing, Imaan has used it to develop his comedic style. He masterfully and commendably sees the potential of comedy to highlight, expose and lampoon public ignorance, and therefore change people’s perceptions towards him and others like him. 

Now 21 and living in Melbourne, Imaan is preparing to return to his home state of South Australia for his fourth Fringe appearance – this time with his show “Bigger Than Jesus”. During the week, Nicholas Pipe called Imaan for a chat of far greater quality than the phone line it was recorded on, and started by asking him about his busy schedule.

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Tumble: it’s what they do for a living

Well, it’s almost Fringe time and that means a whole bunch of international acts will be flooding the local arts scene. Adelaide becomes one big carnival and that vibe would be difficult to achieve without a good serving of circus acts.

Tumble Circus is a duo-act based in Belfast in Northern Ireland. Ken Fanning and Tina Segner have been working together since they met on a Dublin street over seventeen years ago. Since then, they’ve developed into an internationally touring theatre company, and they’ll be bringing their show, This Is What We Do For A Living, to Adelaide come Fringe time.

Streetcast’s Chris Brunner caught up with Ken and Tina over the phone from Perth, where they’re preparing to perform their show at the city’s first ever fringe festival.

Tennis grunting, shrieks and squeals







Cover your ears! Press the mute button! …Is that a baboon or a tennis player?

Serial screamers Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka face off in tonight’s Aussie Open women’s final, and Streetcast is here to help you survive the high-pitched squeals that you’ll undoubtedly be bombared with tonight.

So please, for your own safety, listen to the Alley Cat below – and enjoy the very first (and hopefully last) edition of “Shriek or No Shriek?”

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Getting lost in the city with Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity

Next weekend for the very first time, Adelaide is being offered a glimpse into the Lost City. The historic Queens Theatre is opening up, and from the far corners of the continent comes some of our most interesting, diverse and talented musical acts and visual artists.

You can hear the dreamy pop melodies of Melbourne’s Love of Diagrams, the psychadelic sound scapes of Elliot from the Blue Mountains, or if you’re digging what Adelaide has to offer at the moment; Gold Bloom, Sparkspitter, Mondo Phase Band and Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity are joining the bill.

We caught up with Joseph ‘Dynamite’ Blackwell, drummer of Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity, to talk Lost City, cheesy 80s films, Robotsexbots, and the necessity for excessive wailage…

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Sauce with your shirt?

Walk down Rundle Mall on any busy day, and you won’t have to look too hard before someone with a printed t-shirt walks past. It might be a logo, a cartoon, a slogan, or something else – but whatever the design, a printed t-shirt is one of the most popular ways of expressing our interests and personality today. A lot of the companies making these shirts base themselves on independent websites, and are often run interstate or overseas. But this week there’s a new competitor in the wide world of artistic t-shirts – and it’s based right here in the city of churches.

Tommaso Pascale is the man behind Red Tomato Design, a t-shirt printing business and website born and bred in Adelaide’s CBD. After years of experimenting and making shirts to order, he officially launched his own enterprise last night at Magazine Gallery, with an exhibition featuring t-shirt designs by artists like Jason Ankles, Joel VDK, Beastman, and Lisa King.

During the week, Nick caught up with Tommaso to chat about the first wave of t-shirts from the launch party, his plans going forward, and his ambitions as a design printer. 

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