Mark Trenwith aka ‘Mr Snot-bottom’ heads to Melbourne

Mark Trenwith has been doing the Adelaide comedy rounds for years, but he’s decided to move interstate and try his luck in Melbourne.

Mark is loved by the crowd for his manic energy and tendency to bounce around the stage showing off his hilarious videos.

Kids love Mark, too, with his alter ego ‘Mr Snot-bottom’ renowned for his very crude, very fun style of humour.

Mark had a chat to Streetcast to say a final farewell to his hometown, and to go over his infamous hip hop battle with one of Adelaide’s best known MC’s one last time…

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A thought-provoking musical? It’s about time.

What would happen if time was an entity that could be produced and stolen? Tick-tock is a new musical theatre production which explores this idea. Emerging playwright, Natalie Texler, joined Jennie Lenman at Streetcast for a chat about her play. In the interview, you can hear the rich, haunting sounds of ‘Clockwork Saloon’, a composition by Jessica Monck, followed by Natalie’s description of main character Tockie (daughter of the Creator and Destroyer of time) and the challenges she faces in the narrative. download audio Tick-tock opens Saturday November 5, 2011 at 7.30pm at the Hartley Playhouse at UniSA in Magill. For more details click here.

In the corner of the Cuttlefish

Dan Monceaux takes his message to Mr Rann

Last Thursday, Mike Rann opened the SA film institute’s new
studios in his final official engagement as Premier. But it didn’t all go
according to plan. Invited guest and film maker, Dan Monceaux got past security
to present Mike with opportunity to smash a Cuttlefish piñata with a rolled up

While it might seem like a reckless stunt, Dan Monceaux said
it drew vital attention to the subject of his new documentary, Cuttlefish

Here’s what happened….


Steering By Stars hit the big screen

‘Experimental’ is a music genre that gets tossed around these days, but Steering By Stars are happy to wear it. Perhaps it’s because their music, a thoughtful blend of the influences and musical experiences of each member, is so good.

That music has caught the ear of the producers of ‘6 On The St’, a documentary film that chronicles the live performances videoed by the organisation of the same name, and pays tribute to the Adelaide music scene. Steering By Stars are one of the bands featured in the new film, and they dropped into the Streetcast studio for a chat.

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Havin’ a chat and a strum with local trio, Popy Jane

Adelaide band, Popy Jane, whose music has been described as a “mash of swirling guitars, infecting basslines and rhythmic drumming,”* came into the studio for a chat about their upcoming Halloween gigs at the Cranker and the Franklin Hotel this weekend (29 Oct, 30 Oct 2011), and to play a brand-new acoustic song.

The three local lads who make up the band are– Thomas Robinson, aka Robbo, James Edmonds, aka Jeds, and Jarred Brown aka “Daddy”.

Have a listen to part one of the interview here:

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Hear an acoustic version of their song, ‘Evolution’s Masterpiece’ and the second part of the interview here:

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* (thanks, Five Four Entertainment).

Amos Gill – the funniest law student in Adelaide

Amos Gill is 20, studying law, and only been doing comedy for a year. But he’s already gained a regular spot on Adelaide’s comedy circuit, with crowds loving the energy and fun he brings every time he gets up on stage.

He joined us in the studios of Streetcast to have a chat about why studying law convinced him to turn to comedy, the cons of working at a call centre, and a plea for school kids playing sport everywhere to be nice to their coaches.

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