Get Off the Couch and get heard!: Interview with Carclew and ‘Maestro & the Freak’

For all you budding musicians out there, who may not know how to establish yourself more in the scene, Carclew Youth Arts offers a program called ‘Off The Couch‘, which connects you with industry professionals and gives you opportunities to play at a series of live music events.

‘Maestro & The Freak’ – an acoustic duo who you may have seen around Adelaide venues, such as the Exeter and the Wheatsheaf, participated in the ‘Off the Couch’ program last year.

The lads – Mischa West  and Ishan Herst – joined us on Streetcast, along with Carclew’s ‘Off the Couch’ Project Officer, Tara Lynch – and gave us a melodic treat, playing their song, Desert Kill.

Listen to the whole interview: download audio

Listen to their live track Desert Kill: download audio

Ben Darsow – the next ‘big thing’ in Australian comedy






Ben Darsow is renowned for his quick wit, likeable nature and conversational style of comedy. He’s acheived big things since debuting at the Adelaide Fringe in 2006, and has been dubbed the next ‘big thing’ in Australian comedy.

Streetcast caught up with Ben before he headed off to Perth for his next show and left little ol Adelaide behind. Though Ben insists he still has plenty of love for his hometown fans, despite his stint on TV saying otherwise…

Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School…

DR Sketchy’s Anti-Art School was started six years ago by a 22 year old Art School dropout in Brooklyn. Today, it’s a worldwide movement with branches in over one hundred cities, including London, Tokyo, New York, Paris, and of course… Adelaide. We were joined in the studio by organiser Matt Vecchio and male model Aaron ‘The Polish Sausage’ Kaczmarczyh. Matt explained that it’s not you’re average art class…

Interview with emerging artist Vela Noble

A keen artist since childhood, year-12 student, Vela Noble, says she takes a sketch book every where she goes. She dabbles in a number of different techniques, subjects and media and has recently been recognised in the art-realm with a win in the Youth Category for the Waterhouse art prize.
Jennie Lenman caught up with Vela to talk about her creative process and started by asking what inspires her to take out the pencil.

download audio

The Aves aka ‘the guerilla squonk-punk-garage band’ perform live








The Aves refuse to be called ‘indie’ – they prefer the genre ‘guerilla squonk-punk-garage’. To try and explain what the hell that means, plus talking about their brand new EP, they joined us in the studios of Streetcast.

They were also kind enough to perform for us live with one of The Honey Pies – huzzah!


The Honey Pies talk new album, perform live







The Honey Pies are a local band who seem destined for the big stage. Combining the kind of guitar pop you might find in the 50s with the ‘kookier’ rock of the 90s may seem like a stange mix at first, but these boys from Adelaide make it work, and work well.

They joined us on Streetcast to chat about their new work, with a cry for help as they need donations to get their second album up and running.

Oh and they performed a song from their new album for us live, too!

Angus Hodge – every heckler’s worst nightmare.

Angus Hodge is a lad from the Barossa who’s making quite a name for himself on the local comedy scene. The funnyman joined us on Streetcast to tell us how he got into comedy, why he dropped out of journalism at uni and how he handles any hecklers in the crowd.