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Deadly Funny








Whitefellas take note – Indigenous comedy is on the rise.

Proving his ‘mob’ does indeed have a funny bone, Kevin Kropinyeri is determined to crack the mainstream and teach white (and black) audiences a thing or two in the process.

In town for his Fringe show ‘Welcome to my World’, Kevin promises a high-energy, up-tempo performance with a strong focus on family ties; after all, the biggest strength of being Aboriginal is family.

Then again, it’s also the biggest weakness, as the lads from Streetcast later found out…

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Chloe Eckert’s “Sage”


Chloe Eckert’s “Sage” is a play about Grace and Charlie, two characters who meet on a cliff top from where Grace is about to jump. Yes, it’s a production about mental health issues, but one that avoids typical clichés of the genre.

“Sage” is written and directed by the talented Chloe Eckert and acted by Nic Cutts (Charlie) and Mel Martins (Grace.) All three joined Mason Krollig in the Radio Adelaide North Terrace Studios this week to discuss the various complexities of acting in/producing a play about mental health with only one scene…

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“Sage” is being performed at Immanuel College on Thursday the 21st of February at 7PM and again on Friday the 22nd at midday and 7PM. Tickets are just fifteen dollars or thirteen concession. You can get yours at

Produced by: Chris Brunner

The Pope Ex-Benedict

Pope Pic

Pope Benedict the sixteenth is stepping down from his position as the head of the Roman Catholic Church, becoming the first Pontiff to do so in nearly six hundred years. But is the Pope even allowed to retire? I mean, he’s been chosen by God to lead his people!

For this weeks Ally-Cat Chat, Pope Innocent 1.0.1 (Tom Angley), Pope Big Nick (Nick Pipe), and Pope Jeremy Goku the First (Mason Krollig) discuss how their lives have been affected by the Popes surprise retirement announcement and debate whether or not online gambling websites should be allowed to let punters place bets on who will be the next Pope.

(This weeks Ally-Cat Chat begins with the Streetcasters reminding Nick Pipe what his new “Nick”-name is.)

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Produced by: Mason Krollig

The Villenettes: rockabilly heroines

villlepicClass, chops, and crashing rock n’ roll – that’s what emerging local act The Villenettes are all about.

After joining together in mid-2012 from various other musical projects, The Villenettes have become a regular fixture on Adelaide’s live scene, to the acclaim of plenty of punters.

And now they’ve backed up their hard gigging work with V for Villendetta, an excellent debut EP that’s sure to work wonders for their profile.

Anna and Kylie from the band joined us in the Streetcast studio having just launched the EP at the Crown and Anchor the night before.

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Carn or can the Clipsal??


Each year as March madness draws ever closer, the cries of arts lovers and festival goers grow louder, echoing the perennial concern over the inconvenient clash of the Clipsal 500 with the Fringe Festival, Adelaide Festival, Womadelaide and more, in what is the busiest week in the Adelaide social calendar.

Lucky for some, those angry cries can barely be heard through the roars of the V8 engines and fighter planes ringing through the usually sleepy city.

And while the clash of cultures rages on, the events continue to pile up as the state government decides what to do to ease the disparately busy period.

So is the Clipsal the monster everyone thinks it is? Should the big race be the one to move? And what are the issues involved with so many events on at the one time? Danni Frangos, Tom Angley and Chris Brunner tackled these important questions and more in this week’s Alley Cat Chat…

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